AMSE 2023 Conference :: Invited speaker – Menico Rizzi

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Introducing Professor Menico Rizzi, an esteemed academic and researcher with a diverse portfolio of achievements, currently affiliated with multiple prestigious institutions.

As a Full Professor of Biochemistry at the University of Piemonte Orientale, Italy, Professor Rizzi holds an outstanding academic background, graduating with honors in Chemistry and obtaining a PhD in Industrial Biotechnology. His academic journey has taken him to renowned research institutions globally, including EMBL-Hamburg (Germany), University of York (UK), University of Kyoto (Japan), and the National Institute for Infectious Diseases in Tokyo (Japan), where he engaged in groundbreaking research with the support of prestigious fellowships.

Professor Rizzi has been a driving force in advancing academia and research evaluation. He is a notable member of the Board of Directors of ANVUR (Italian National Agency for the evaluation of Universities and Research Centres) since April 2020, where he leads the coordination of evaluations in the biomedical area, Doctoral programs, and research evaluation. Additionally, he is a valued member of the Steering Board of the global initiative CoARA – Coalition for Advancing research assessment.

Throughout his career, Professor Rizzi has held influential positions, such as Coordinator of the Evaluation Committee of the Universities of Piemonte Orientale and Genova, Deputy Rector for research at the University of Piemonte Orientale, and coordinator of the PhD program in Pharmaceutical Biotechnologies at the same university.
Beyond academia, he is a co-founder of the Academic spin-off iXTAL, exemplifying his commitment to bridging research and practical applications.

Notably, Professor Rizzi has played an integral role in international organizations, serving as an expert at the World Health Organization for the International Nonproprietary Name (INN) program. He also contributes significantly as a vice-chair for biological drugs and a member of the Steering Committee of the WHO initiative “School of INN.” Additionally, he is actively involved in the development of the “African Union – European Union Innovation Agenda,” showcasing his dedication to global research initiatives.

Professor Rizzi’s research expertise centers on the biochemistry and structural biology of proteins relevant to poverty-linked diseases, cancer, and cognitive impairment. His work has garnered substantial support from prestigious funding sources, including the European Commission, the Italian Ministry of University and Research, the Italian Ministry of Health, the Piedmont Region, private foundations, and chemical and pharmaceutical companies.
As a seasoned speaker and organizer, he has participated in numerous national and international congresses and schools under the patronage of UNESCO, further enriching academic discourse and knowledge dissemination.

In summary, Professor Menico Rizzi is a trailblazing academic leader with a profound impact on medical and biochemistry research. His multifaceted roles in prominent institutions and his dedication to promoting excellence in research evaluation and global initiatives make him an invaluable speaker at our conference.

AMSE 2023 Conference

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